The Community in Edison, NJ

March 25th, 2016

The town of Edison is located in Middlesex County of New Jersey and is a rapidly growing community which is home to over 100,000 residents. Due to this, Edison is the the fifth most populous municipality within New Jersey. The name Edison comes from a inventor names Thomas Edison who lived in the region. Edison is considered one of the more safer places to live within the United States because of having a low crime rate. The township is mostly middle-class and home to over 75 identified ethnic groups including mostly Jewish, Indian, and Chinese.

Although the territory of the township is 30.638 square miles, the sense of community is strong within Edison. The town is always striving to better it’s self both on a social and economical scale. Edison has a little bit of everything from excellent schools, a hospital, to community centres. Notably, the Dorothy K. Drwal Stelton Community Centre and the Minnie B. Veal Community Centre located in different areas of Edison. Local business in Edison, NJ have also started to give back, for example Edison Roofing Experts often help homeowners during the time of need like a storm. From this they started to become one of the top roofing contractors in Edison, NJ.

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These community centres have a wonderful array of activities for both children and adults. For adults there is a weight room, aerobics classes, basketball, and yoga. There are even leagues in softball and basketball of which one can choose to join. Also, in regards to the arts, there are music, art, and ceramics classes. There is a before as well as after school childcare program of which is considered to be the largest in the entire state. Within this childcare program there is allotted homework and social time as well as games and encouragement of the arts. The instructors plus assistants are very qualified and love their job.

There are other after school programs which includes but is not limited to the Kid’s Fun Club in which several activities are offered such as music, arts, cooking, and tennis. There are even summer time programs for the children of Edison to attend like tennis and basketball. In the summer there is a seven week playground program that is offered in 22 separate parks spread out through Edison.

In Edison, there are also an after school and evening teen activities held within the Teen Centre. The teens can socialize in the lounge as well as watch TV, play pool, or read magazines. The centre also has a basketball team. The Teen Centre holds art classes, ceramic painting session, and a number of crafts. Trips are offered to pizza parties, the Great Adventure, and band concerts are also offered as some of the activities.

1st Day of School in Edison, NJ

May 21st, 2016

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A Concise History of Edison, New Jersey

March 25th, 2016

Would you like to know the history of Edison Township formerly named Raritan Township? If yes, you are definitely at the right place. The township is currently situated in Middlesex County in New Jersey. As of 2010 U.S census, the township that was first occupied in the late 1960s had a population of 99,967. Stone Age bone fragments, cooking implements, arrowheads, and skulls found there, proofs that people were living there even in prehistoric times.

The Old Post Road that passes via Edison is the first public road located in eastern New Jersey. It is usually said that President George Washington used it to travel through the state in his journey to his April 1789 inauguration in New York City. On April 13, 1989, a reenactment of that journey happened, and it was during the bicentennial celebration of Washington’s 1st inauguration.

On the Old Post Road, there is an area called Bonhamtown named after the landowner Nicholas Bonham who owned it between 1682 and 1683. The hamlet area was once an old village for American Natives, a Continental Army camp and later a battleground during the famous Revolutionary War. As of 1963, Bonhamtown had already started serving as a seat of justice for the Somerset and Middlesex counties.

The local militia engaged the Hessian and British troops who were moving towards General Washington’s troops in a battle during the year 1777. The Watchung Mountains was the sanctuary for the Washington’s troops at that time. Oak Tree Engagement is the popular name given to that battle as it took place where the current Plainfield roads intersect with Oak Tree.

Edison is the home to the 10th oldest Baptist Church in U.S. and 2nd in New Jersey. During the spring of 1689, the Stelton Baptist Church was formed. Some of the original members of the church included the Stelle family whose family title was used to name the Stelton part of Edison. By 1875, the church had changed its name to First Baptist Church of Piscataway and its tercentennial was celebrated later in 1989.

As Edison become more accessible in the second half of 19th century, it grew because of the allure of its rural landscape. The opening of Amboy and Easton lines, as well as the Pennsylvania Railroad, gave better accessibility to the area. By late 1800’s, a lot of residents commuted to their jobs in New York among other parts of New Jersey.

In 1876, the “invention factory” better known as the Thomas Edison’s industrial research laboratory brought a global fame to the Edison Township as it had already started to produce some great manufacturing feats and innovative research. Thomas Edison is the person who made all that possible by establishing the laboratory. He went on to invent new items and add over 400 patents to his name. To commemorate the work of Thomas Edison at Menlo Park, the Edison Memorial Tower was created in 1977.

In 1954, a section of people wanted to change the Edison’s township name as some municipalities in New Jersey were named Raritan. The name Edison was voted, and the name Nixon discarded. Currently, Edison is a home to over 100,000 people. In New Jersey, it ranks fifth in size. Its continuous growth has also made it become a hub of highway and railway networks that deals with the distribution of various goods and services.

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Tour of North Edison, NJ

March 25th, 2016

Tour of North Edison, NJ. This video highlights the amazing city of Edison, NJ and exactly how vibrant it is. Edison ETYB Loves to show off the city of Edison, NJ, its our home and we’re proud of it.

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Shining a Lamp on Edison

March 25th, 2016

Thomas Edison is known not a standout among the most productive creators ever. He developed several machines and improved others. His presence is to be appreciated by the greater part of the humankind.

Edison was conceived in Ohio in the mid-1800s, and he was the last tyke in his crew. He moved to Michigan when he was youthful and was keen on science from a youthful age.

The most important thing about Edison is his creation of the light, yet that scarcely begins to expose what’s underneath of this astonishing man. He had one-thousand ninety-three United States licenses, and numerous others in Europe.
His commitments all around surpassed little machines. Edison was a boss designer in the advancement of mass telecom and electrical circulation, both of which are important to our every day lives. He likewise began a few force plants. (more…)